How do I derive measures from the results?

Your team's TeamEcho dashboard is filling up with feedback - what's next? Here are some helpful tips on how you can work with your team to find solutions to challenges.

  • Appearances are deceptive. The tasks that come with the use of TeamEcho may seem new and time-consuming at first glance. In fact, TeamEcho helps you significantly with key management tasks: you maintain an overview, make decisions more easily and create a conducive environment for your team. In order for you as a team leader to manage these tasks well, you need to know the perceptions of your team, critically reflect on the status quo and take action based on this. TeamEcho supports you in doing just that and ultimately enables you to perform these leadership tasks more efficiently. I.e. as soon as you have found a good TeamEcho routine, you will notice significant time savings.
  • Timing matters. Critical reflection and strategic thinking work best with a fresh mind and at rest. So take time e.g. once every two weeks in the morning, to engage with your team's feedback.
  • Poorly planned or facilitated meetings can be a real time-suck. Therefore, introduce a professional meeting structure in which you set a fixed duration for the individual points (including the "echo talk", i.e. the conversations about your team results and the comments). 
  • Leading also means delegating. If weak points or obstacles are pointed out via TeamEcho, you don't have to find solutions on your own, but you can also demand suggestions for solutions from your team. In general, consider which tasks you can hand over to experienced team members who are happy to take on more responsibility. 
  • Take the Pareto principle (80:20 rule) to heart. Of course, it would be nice to always solve all problems and implement all necessary actions. However, this is often simply not possible. Therefore, consider which actions have the strongest leverage and focus on these few. According to the Pareto principle, you will achieve 80 % of the success with only 20 % of the effort - what a wonderful success rate!

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