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Comment hub  - for your team members

19.03.2024 - New in teamecho

We are pleased that your team members can now also use the comment hub. πŸ₯³

The filter option in particular will make it easier for your colleagues to search for comments. They are also pre-clustered by AI and categorised into different topics. 

This allows your team members to see at a glance which topics are currently in the foreground. Your individual visibility settings will of course be taken into account as always.

handshake-small Thank you

01.03.2024 - New in teamecho

It's that time again. In March, we are increasing appreciation in your company and asking questions.

We encourage your team members and you to say thank you and change the question in the tool.

Have you activated the month of appreciation as an administrator? Look in the company settings "Configuration".  πŸ‘

handshake-small First teamecho "Community Exchange"

14.02.2024 - Safe the Date

On 27.03. at 13:30 we invite you to the first Community Exchange with INOVATO (strategic personnel and organisational development). 

The focus will be on networking teamecho users and best practice examples paired with expert tips. 
We look forward to seeing you 😎.

Please note: The Exchange will be held in german.


Copy of flowers Happy ValentineΒ΄s Day 

14.02.2024 - special offer

How in love are your employees with you? Find out easily and survey the eNPS in your company. πŸ’•

Until the end of February there is a 20% discount* on the eNPS 🎁 🎁.


handshake-small Direct contact to the admin 

18.01.2024 - New in teamecho

Team members can now contact the company's internal administrator directly via the "Contact admin" button. πŸ‘


handshake-small User-Import 

01.12.2023 - New in teamecho

Many users and little time?

With our user import you can easily import users. 😎

Simply download the current status, fill the list and upload it again so you can make major changes quickly. πŸ‘


handshake-small We are switching to .com 

27.11.2023 - New in teamecho

On the 15.12.2023 we are going to switch from to😎

We prepared a short checklist which you should share with your IT.

  • update your spamfilters
  • check your firewallrules
  • change your SSL certificat 
  • for customers using SSO: ensure that the redirect URL for is entered 

handshake-small Reactions to comments

07.09.2023 - New in teamecho

After the labels for leaders, there is now the option to give a thumbs-up to comments.πŸ‘

This response to comments allows staff to give more weight to the comment content and indicate which issues are particularly important to them.

Anonymity: As always, anonymity is guaranteed at all times in teamecho. We do save the reaction data on the user, but this only serves to ensure that each user only reacts once. No one in your organisation can see which person has agreed to a comment. πŸ€“

handshake-small Labels for Leaders

21.08.2023 - New in teamecho

Comments are the most valuable feedback from your team members. They contain suggestions for improvement, wishes, comments and often solutions to existing challenges.

In order to be able to work with it well, there are now also labels for your managers. You can unlock the labels in the visibility settings πŸ˜„πŸ› οΈ

Tip: Prepare your collaborative effort with the labels well.

Click here for more information.


handshake-small New in editing teams and departments!

13.07.2023 - Coming soon in teamecho


Experience a fresh new look and exciting new features in the editing screens.

You soon have the ability to:

  • create empty teams and fill them with team leaders and team members at a later time
  • recognize newly created users by the label "new user"
  • select already existing users from your user list in the drop-down menu

Screenshot_teamedit EN


You can still copy-paste multiple team leads or team members into a team at once in the new design (separation with comma, semicolon or newline possible).


handshake-smallThe teamecho user management is here 

18.04.2023 - New in teamecho

The teamecho user administration will soon be available under the menu item "my company".  
This allows you to quickly and easily
  • create new users and assign them to a team
  • edit existing users
  • Assign roles to users (currently: admin, administration admin, manager, team member or department head).
  • Delete users. (Attention: these will be removed from all teams) 

The new teamecho user administration can only be viewed and used by admins.


handshake-smallComment Hub "semantic analysis

23.03.2023 - New in teamecho

We are happy to announce an exciting add-on - semantic comment analysisπŸ₯³.
Your comments are pre-clustered by AI and divided into different topics. This makes it easier for you to perform a qualitative analysis of your comments and you can see at a glance which topics are of particular interest to your employees in the comments.
The semantic analysis can be found directly in the comment hub and is visible for admins and managers.

teamecho_semantic analyzis _EN

Watch our best practice video 😊

Our expert Markus Ellmer explained in detail how you can best use semantic analysis.

Click here to watch the video.


handshake-smallteamecho "question sets" 

08.03.2023 - new in teamecho

Discover your possibilities 🀩 a new page will soon be available to you under the menu item "my company". Under "suestion sets" you can see at a glance which question sets are currently running in your company (green), which ones you could start at any time (purple) and which topics we have prepared for you (gray).

If you would like to learn more about our teamecho focus question sets click here.

teamecho_question sets_teamecho Updates


handshake-smallteamecho Insights: Number of questions per survey 

23.02.2023 - new in teamecho

You probably noticed the survey planner a while ago, where you can easily manage your surveys for your teams.
In the planner you will now find another new feature that allows you to change the number of questions per survey. 

Depending on the interval, you can adjust the number of questions as follows:

weekly: 1-5 questions (recommendation 3)
bi-weekly: 2-8 questions (recommendation 5)
four-weekly: 6-14 questions (recommendation 10) 

Additional available intervals for the teamecho Insights: 
six-weekly: 8-20 questions (recommendation 14)
eight-weekly: 12-22 questions (recommendation 18)



teamecho-papierflieger-2206Smells like change spirit

03.10.2022 - New in teamecho

teamecho already stands for a better togetherness since 2015.

A better togetherness thanks to feedback, open communication and the will to change things. Our vision is that everyone likes to go to work. In times of War of Talents, VUCA and a pandemic, this is more challenging than ever. Of course, you have already recognized that more is needed than fruit baskets and a few kind words.

Our mood barometer supports you in shaping the changes in the world of work in a positive way. Together with you, we want to continue on this path - and with our new branding, we want to be even friendlier, even more charming and even bolder.

What changes for you and your company

Our homepage and the teamecho platform itself will shine in new splendor - as will all messages that you and the users of your company receive. All known features will of course remain as you know and appreciate them.

login-3We are looking forward to more successful feedback years with you.

PS: If you have an idea how we can implement our vision even faster, we are always happy to receive your feature request :-)