How does teamecho support me as a team leader?

teamecho shows you automatically and in real-time what occupies your team. You can empower your entire team to make sound decisions by using the collected feedback.

As team leader, teamecho offers three advantages:
  • You have an up-to-date picture of what your team is up to without much effort
  • You can use your team's collective intelligence to identify opportunities
  • You can proactively make sound decisions and leverage your team's full potential

Below, we show you what we mean by that.

Knowing what your team is doing without much effort

Many individuals in leadership positions are familiar with the following situation: Whenever you ask: "Everything going alright?", the answer is typically: "Sure!" But, can you be certain that this is actually the case? Or, is there perhaps something going on somewhere in your team?

Leadership success = "knowing yourself" x "knowing your own responsibilities" x "knowing your own people"

The fact that you know your own responsibilities is a given. However, are you able to accurately assess how team members perceive their work environment at any given moment? And, how do you, as a team leader, get to know yourself better and perhaps uncover a blind spot or two? Most importantly, where do you find the time to figure out these things?

This is exactly where teamecho comes in to support you: By relying on brief questionnaires that are deployed regularly and with the highest possible anonymity, you get an up-to-date and authentic insight into what your team is currently thinking and feeling without much effort. Fully automated and in real time.

Use the resources of the entire team and find opportunities

teamecho provides you with quick and time-saving feedback from all team members. This feedback is analyzed in real time and presented in an easy-to-read format in the teamecho dashboard.

As a team leader, you can use the intelligence of the entire team and identify opportunities in various areas that are crucial for your success. Your team will usually tell you what these are all on their own:

Internal analyses have shown that about 40 % of the comments in teamecho reference ideas for solutions and another 20 % contain concrete, actionable suggestions for improvement.

Several teamecho functions help you analzye the feedback:

  • The info box immediately alerts you to the most important results and relevant trends
  • Results for each of the categories and questions provide in-depth perspectives into topics that are crucial for success
  • Comments provide insights into what goes on behind the quantitative results 
  • The heatmap allows you to compare teams or departments, and identify hotspots at a glance

Make sound decisions and leverage potential!

With teamecho, you know the topics that your team is currently dealing with. This means you are always prepared for interactions with your team.

In addition, the feedback from your team members shows you strengths and possible areas of improvement. Are things going particularly well in a certain area? That's great! Highlight this strength; it generates upbeat attitudes. And make sure it stays with your team.

There is room for improvement on another topic? Make the best possible decision and derive relevant actions, if needed, before issues arise. You've probably already received ideas and suggestions for improvement from your team - check the comments!

Here are tips on how to write comments most effectively!

Document your actions using an event marker in the teamecho dashboard. This will give you direct feedback on how results are changing as a consequence of your actions and decisions. Thus, you receive immediate and automated feedback concerning your decisions' effectiveness.