What is the best way to implement teamecho?

teamecho thrives on sharing. That's why we'll help you get started with teamecho by providing you with comprehensive communication materials and practical tips!

The more employees actively participate in teamecho and the more regularly managers respond to feedback, the more effectively we can work together on improvements. It is therefore important to introduce teamecho well into the company. After all, companies that introduce teamecho effectively have higher response rates to the surveys and also higher satisfaction ratings.

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Active communication

teamecho offers the opportunity to show everyone where the company stands at any time. teamecho creates a high level of transparency: the evaluations and comments are visible to both team leaders and team members.

In order to optimally prepare employees and managers for a teamecho deployment, it is important to clarify open questions in good time and to share all important information. We are happy to support you in this with comprehensive materials.

We recommend communicating the following points in a targeted manner, especially at the start of teamecho:

teamecho is an opportunity to improve together!

Honest feedback is very valuable and makes it possible to improve the working atmosphere in the long term. On the one hand, this requires the active participation of employees. On the other hand, it is also important that managers respond to feedback. Even if it is not always possible to derive immediate measures: Simply discussing the results can work wonders! This is how sustainable and appreciative feedback loops are created.

teamecho is transparent, secure and anonymous!

Anonymity is important in order to generate honest feedback. teamecho ensures this anonymity objectively by separating users and answers on the server side - here you can find more information about anonymity, privacy and security.

However, it is also important to pay attention to the subjectively perceived anonymity of the employees. With a well thought-out team structure, you can promote and ensure this subjective anonymity. Also give concrete examples of who can see the answer to a question or comment and who cannot. This gives employees the confidence they need to provide honest feedback.

Responsibilities and roles

To use teamecho effectively, you should establish clear roles and responsibilities. We recommend the following:

Team members: teamecho gives employees an anonymous voice in the company. All team members automatically participate in the regular surveys and can share their suggestions.

Team and department leaders: Team leaders are the managers in the company who respond to employee feedback. They, unlike team members, do not participate in the surveys. Rather, their role is to regularly respond to team member feedback - making employees feel taken seriously, which has a positive impact on response rates and feedback quality.

Administrators: Administrators maintain the company account in teamecho. They create teams, administer the question catalogs, determine the corresponding survey times and continuously adjust the team structure (e.g. by deleting mail addresses of employees who have left). Administrators are also the internal contact persons for questions regarding teamecho and act as contact persons for teamecho GmbH.

Important: Roles and responsibilities can also change. Maybe in a small company it makes sense that the management in their role as administrator also discusses the evaluation as team leader. Therefore, keep an eye on the roles and responsibilities and change them if necessary.

Personal implementation support

Our Customer Happiness Management team is always happy to provide advice and helpful tips for your teamecho implementation. Part of your teamecho license package can be a personal introduction support. We clarify the most important technical questions and provide practical tips for your effective teamecho implementation.

Do you want to introduce teamecho in your company? Contact us now, we will be happy to answer your questions and take care of your teamecho implementation!