Focus question sets: Hybrid work cluster

The focus question sets around the topic of hybrid work specifically collect feedback on the opportunities and challenges of this new form of collaboration. This enables managers to maintain an overview even at a distance.

Since the effects of the Corona pandemic, remote work has become an integral part of everyday work in many companies. Being able to perform work tasks outside of an office brings many advantages, but also some challenges. Hybrid forms of work can combine the advantages of home office and everyday office life and thus create maximum flexibility and team cohesion.

With the question sets from the "Hybrid work" topic cluster, teams can survey their specific challenges and experiences and thus promote cooperation and cohesion.

The focus question sets from the hybrid work and virtual leadership topic cluster at a glance

Hybrid work - leadership and culture

#Individual support #Structural support #Inspirational motivation #Leading by example #Cultural development #Information #Presence culture #Health promotion

It's not easy to maintain a common culture when employees are dispersed. Find out about leadership and culture in hybrid work settings.

Hybrid work - flexibility and self-organization

#Spatial flexibility #Temporal flexibility #Digital work resources #Trust #Self-management #Time management #Breaks #Work and private life

Office, home office, mobile office: a great mix when the conditions are right. Take a look at what your employees experience in the hybrid work setting.

Hybrid work - communication and collaboration

#Accessibility #Communication channels #Communication standards #Contact #Collegiality #Team exchange #Community #Leadership care

Communication is complex. Especially in hybrid work settings. Make visible how well communication works and strengthen your collaboration.