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How do I address team leaders' concerns when it comes to the use of teamecho?

Acknowledging, validating, and addressing team leaders' concerns is a key success factor when introducing teamecho into your organization. Let's take a look at what you can do to put team leaders' minds at ease!

The fact that uncertainty is associated with heightened levels of anxiety is a well-established and scientifically-supported fact. Why is this important, you ask?

Well, because team leaders may be uncertain about how to use teamecho, how the information may be used for or against them, and may also be uncertain about the direct, personal consequences that can stem from what teamecho might bring to the surface.

These uncertainties (and many others) can then bring up anxious feelings, which in turn can cause a general hesitation to engage with the tool in the first place. As the admin, you have the power to help team leaders along in their teamecho journey, and here is how: 

Communication is key

Communication starts with your leaders. It is therefore important that managers communicate clearly with their staff. The clearer it is made what teamecho is for you and, above all, what it is not, the clearer a lot of things will be.

What is teamecho in a nutshell: "A tool for honest and anonymous feedback, which is filled with constructive and respectful comments to derive measures and create a pleasant working environment". Feel free to communicate your goals as well

Share our "How to teamecho" emails with your team leaders as they can be helpful. So pass them on, because "sharing is caring".


We take privacy and anonymity very seriously at teamecho because we recognize that these are important safeguards that ensure an honest exchange between employers and employees. When team leaders respond to comments or their team members evaluate their leadership competencies, for example, it is easy to see how team leaders might feel a bit more vulnerable than your average teamecho user.

As an admin, you should acknowledge these concerns and offer team leads assurances by explaining how the information derived from teamecho will be used. Be transparent about your objectives and processes, so team leaders understand that you are not looking to use the information against them, rather you see it as an opportunity to support them. Your assuring and supportive words will mean a great deal to team leaders, ultimately increasing their efficacy to actively work with teamecho.  

Trust matters

A final set of uncertainties that might arise for team leads pertains to the unknown consequences that could result from the information teamecho reveals. For some, the introduction of teamecho might be one of the first times they are confronted with direct and honest feedback. Team leaders' knowledge that their supervisors can also see this information and could potentially use it to make important decisions, such as promotions, can be a cause for additional stress.

Validate their concerns and let team leaders know that you have their backs. Make sure that team leaders understand that your desire to involve them is a way to empower them and that it is a sign of trust.

To empower team leaders, you should communicate your expectations for the use of teamecho and team leaders' work with it as clearly as possible. Doing so will not only help them, but will also demonstrate the growing trust between you and team leaders. 

According to some, ignorance is bliss. We, at teamecho, respectfully disagree with this view. Instead, we firmly believe that transparency is key to unlocking any team's full potential! 🔐Take this opportunity to make others see the mutual benefits of anonymous and continuous feedback that teamecho provides. 

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