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How do I handle open registrations?

Some of your team members haven't registered yet? No problem - with a few clicks you can invite them to TeamEcho again.

Note: Here we explain how to re-invite team members WITH email addresses to TeamEcho. Details about team members WITHOUT email addresses can be found here.

If you are the team leader and can edit teams, you can follow the procedure below to invite team members who are not yet registered. If in your company the administrator manages the teams, just ask this person to do the following steps for you.

  1. Go to My Company >> Teams and select the team where registrations are still open.

  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select "Send invitations to... ". This menu item appears only if the team also has an active survey. If this item does not appear, start a survey in this team first.  

  3. Here you can see how many team members in your team have been invited to TeamEcho but have not registered yet. So you can re-invite all team members who are not registered yet - check the box and click "Invite now".
Important: TeamEcho never shows you WHICH team members have not registered yet, because otherwise it might be possible to draw conclusions about the response behavior of the already registered team members.