How do I register in TeamEcho without an email address?

Here you can read how to register with TeamEcho if you do not have a personalized company email address.

Don't have a personal email address in your company? An administrator or your team leader can also add you to your TeamEcho team with a username.

Attention: Team members without email addresses cannot be reminded of new surveys or informed about new comments. Alternatively, you can provide your team leader with your private email address for registration - if you agree, of course.

Once created, you will receive your username (we recommend e.g. Name-Surname.Company-XY) and a one-time password from your team leader or an administrator.

Registration with one-time password

Go to, enter your personal username in the login window and click on "Continue":

Anmeldemaske1Now enter the one-time password you received from your team leader or an administrator and click on "Log In":

Anmeldemaske-Password-ENIn the next frame you have the possibility to choose your personal password and your language settings. Only with a personal password your account is secure, because only you can access your TeamEcho account:

new-password-2With a click on "Save" you are successfully registered and can start using TeamEcho right away - we wish you a lot of fun and good feedback exchange!