Writing comments: Rules of the game

Writing comments can be a challenging task, but also arguably one of the most rewarding experiences that inspire real change. Here are some straight-forward rules that help you feel empowered to have your voice heard.

  • Respect: Point out what worked well and what was not so great - and always be polite and respectful.
  • Relax: Respect can be difficult when you are very tense. Therefore, try to relax first before formulating a comment.
  • Words are arrows, and once fired, words cannot be taken back. Therefore, pay attention to your choice of words.
  • To-the-point feedback is most effective. It is therefore best to describe a very specific situation or behavior as factually as possible.
  • The AW rule: Instead of Accusations, formulate Wishes that will get you further! For example, if you would like a person to behave differently, formulate what this behavior should look like.
  • Solution Talk: If you come up with ideas for solutions, post them in the comments.
  • Rose-colored glasses: Take a deliberately positive view of things. Along the lines of "If something is going well, do more of it!" Mention things that are already going well and should stay that way.
  • Give compliments: Every now and then, say thank you or praise someone, too. At first, this may feel unfamiliar. But you'll be amazed at how it makes your team thrive.
  • KISS = Keep It Short and Simple! Don't make it a thesis, just write it the way you would say it. Our brains like it simple.
  • Final Check: Before you post a comment, think: How would YOU feel if YOU received this comment? Could you take this feedback well? If so, then you have provided constructive feedback.

Here are some expamples for our rules of the game:


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