How long can I fill out a survey?

teamecho offers regular short surveys - the frequency and duration of the surveys depend on the selected interval. Generally, a survey is open until the next survey starts.

At teamecho, you can choose from different question sets and intervals to optimally adapt your short surveys to your needs and goals. These intervals also determine how long each survey is open for feedback.

As a rule, you can complete a teamecho survey until the next survey round starts.

This means concretely:

  • For weekly surveys, you have one week to give your feedback.
    For example: The survey always starts on Wednesdays at 09:00. You can give your answers per interval always from Wednesday, 09:00 o'clock to Wednesday, 08:59 o'clock. At 09:00 the next round starts again.
  • For bi-weekly surveys, you have two weeks to submit your feedback.
    As an example: Today is Wednesday, the 1st day of the calendar month. At 09:00 the new survey starts. If you are not available right now, you can still participate in the current survey until Wednesday the 15th at 08:59 - because the next survey round starts at 09:00 on the 15th of the month.
  • With fortnightly surveys, you have four weeks to give your feedback.
    For example, the current survey started at 09:00 on the 1st day of the month. If you are on vacation, you can take the survey until 08:59 on the 29th day of the month.

Once you have completed all open surveys, you will see (depending on your visibility settings) your results dashboard. Regardless of the duration of the current survey, you can post comments here at any time to provide open feedback.

Exceptional case: Ad-hoc surveys

Ad-hoc surveys are one-time surveys that you (as administrator or team leader with editing rights) can create yourself. You can choose the duration of individual ad-hoc surveys directly in the editing mask.

Attention: Closed surveys cannot be filled in later!

If a survey is closed - either because the next survey in the interval has already started, or because the runtime has elapsed - it remains closed. This way we prevent data manipulation and unclean results.

Results display

From when the survey results of individual surveys are displayed depends on your evaluation limits and visibility settings. As an administrator you can choose whether your results:

  • after reaching the evaluation limit (=minimum number of participants),
  • or after the end of the survey.

We recommend displaying the results after the evaluation limit has been reached, because this way you can see the results very promptly - usually directly after the survey. This way, everyone still has their own feedback in mind and can identify with the results, which leads to greater engagement.

In your company settings you can choose these settings - you can find more about it in this article.