How do I choose the right company settings?

teamecho works best when your settings are well-suited to your goals, culture, and requirements. Here's how to choose the right company settings.

As an administrator, you can change your specific company settings at any time - so you can make sure your settings fit you to a tee.

The settings at a glance

You can find your company settings under the menu item "My company":


These are the setting options at a glance - click on the individual areas to go directly to the respective area:

Improve appreciation inside your company


Twice a year, teamecho celebrates appreciation with a special campaign: For 28 days each, the general comment field in the surveys specifically asks you to show gratitude and appreciation.

If you activate the checkbox, your company will automatically participate in the appreciation days. Our updates will let you know in good time when the next campaign is just around the corner.

Tip: Look for updates in your teamecho menu - the red dot signals new updates waiting to be discovered.

Release of survey results


Here you can define when the survey results become visible in your teamecho dashboards. You can decide whether:

  • the results will be visible after a certain number of submitted answers,
  • or whether the results will only appear after the next survey.

The "Default number of responses required for new teams" defines from how many responses the survey results are displayed in the dashboards. If you have made different settings in existing teams, these will not be overwritten.

The "Minimum number of responses above which evaluations are visible for this company" defines the absolute evaluation limit for your company. This limit cannot be undercut by individual team settings.

Here you make general decisions for your entire company. You can define which users see which areas in the visibility settings.

By default, we recommend making the results visible after five answers have been submitted. Why? We know from best practice examples that this setting usually provides the best balance between the fastest possible presentation of results and perceived anonymity:

  • If results are only displayed after five responses, the first team member to complete the current survey doesn't have to worry about someone seeing the responses immediately and then perhaps drawing conclusions about who answered first.
  • Most team members (starting with the fifth participation) get to a populated teamecho dashboard immediately after taking the survey, which spurs engagement and curiosity. Team members have the chance to respond directly to recent comments and engage with the current results, which in turn raises engagement and also the quality of feedback.

Preselected question catalog


This setting option facilitates your daily work as an administrator: Define which question set is already preselected when you create a new team. You can also define the desired interval here.

In addition, this preselected set of questions will then also always appear first in the dashboard and heatmap. 

Team settings


In this section you set options that determine which features are available when creating teams:

  • Team members without E-mail addresses can be created: If you check this box, you can create members in teams without E-mail addresses, for example, with a username consisting of FirstName_LastName. The "Username suffix" field will then be automatically appended to the username of all these team members to make them unique.
    Both the username and the username suffix can be chosen at will - however, it is advisable to fall back on familiar data (e.g. the personnel number, already familiar access data from another system, such as time recording systems, etc.).
  • Cross section teams can be created: Checking this field will allow you to create special cross section teams from now on. See this article for details.
  • Comments for cross section teams are enabled: If this checkbox is uchecked, team members can also post comments in the special cross section teams. Whether this option makes sense or not depends mainly on how you discuss the results of the cross section teams: If there are specific meetings of the cross section teams, this option can be quite helpful. If the cross section teams serve to obtain additional evaluation units, but they are not discussed in their own meetings, it usually makes sense to deactivate this option.
  • Departments can be created: Departments help you best reflect your company structure. Departments are "collection buckets" to which you can add teams and also other departments. This gives you additional evaluation units and allows you to track your goals in individual areas, for example.
  • Automatically remind team members about the active survey: If this option is activated, all team members who have not yet voted will receive a reminder 3 days before the end of the current survey.

Time zone


Here you can specify which time zone will be applied to your company.

Export of results


By clicking on "Generate export" you will generate an Excel list with all your results, which will be automatically added to your downloads.

ATTENTION: The Excel file is password protected! Make a note of the password and keep it safe. Without this password you will not be able to open the file again.

Visibility of evaluations and comments

In this section you define which areas of the teamecho dashboards can be viewed by which employees. teamecho offers many options to customize the settings for your company.

Here you can find details about the visibility settings.

With all these options, you might be wondering how to best set the right settings for your company. The important thing is: keep in mind your goals and what you want from teamecho, and think about which settings best fit your culture and daily work.