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How does the scheduler work?

The TeamEcho scheduler allows you to easily group and edit multiple teams with the same question sets and intervals in clearly arranged cards. This way you can always keep an overview.

The scheduler gives you, as an administrator or as a team or department manager with editing rights, the opportunity to control your TeamEcho surveys very easily from a central location. The scheduler groups your desired question sets in clearly arranged cards so that you can see at a glance when which question set is activated in which survey interval.

You can find the scheduler under "My company" in your TeamEcho menu:


Plan your first surveys

When you activate the scheduler for the first time, you can decide whether you want TeamEcho to group your currently active and inactive surveys or whether you want to create your first survey plan in the scheduler itself:


By clicking on "grouped plans" you will get a grouping suggestion, which you can then either accept or reject. 

Don't worry: All survey plans can be edited at any time. You have full control over which question sets are started at which time in which teams.

Create your own survey plan

If you click on "Create first survey plan" or on the button "+ Create survey plan" in case of an already filled scheduler, an editing mask will open where you can easily control all important information about your surveys centrally.

First select your desired question set from the drop-down list:


Now you can set your desired interval (e.g. as here: weekly) and then select all teams of your company in the drop-down list at "Teams", which should receive this question set in the same interval. Finally, enter the desired start date and click on "Save" to activate this survey plan immediately.


Keep the overview - the survey cards

Once you have created your first survey plan with the scheduler, all surveys appear grouped as "cards". This is how the overview in the scheduler looks like when you use different survey intervals and question sets:


Each individual card shows you the question set as a heading. Underneath, you can see when the last survey was started and you can also see immediately when the next survey round will start. With a click on "Results" you immediately get to the results dashboard and can view your feedback directly. A click on "Preview" allows you to preview the questions of the next survey round.

On the right, you can see at a glance which interval has been selected. Below you can see a small preview of the teams that are included in the survey plan.

Edit schedule

You can easily edit each card - click on the button in the upper right corner:


Here you can stop the ongoing survey in all teams simultaneously with just one click by clicking on "Stop after ongoing survey". The currently active survey round remains active (as long as the selected interval), i.e. all team members can continue to give feedback. However, no new survey will be started.

With a click on "Edit" you open the editing mask of the survey plan and can easily and quickly change the surveys in all teams of the survey plan:


You can perform the following actions:

  • Change interval
  • Change teams: click the "X" by all the teams you want to delete from the survey schedule and select the teams you want to add to the survey schedule from the drop down menu.
  • Start date: easily change the start date of the next surveys

Click on "SAVE" to save your changes.

Delete schedule

In order to delete a survey plan, you must first stop the active survey plan. 


By clicking on "Delete" you will only delete the survey plan - the results will remain, but will no longer be displayed in your active dashboards.

To view the results of already deleted survey plans, you can click on the "Dashboard" button in the "Teams" menu of the respective team. (see next picture).

Changes in "Edit team

If you have activated the scheduler, you will replace the editing of the surveys in all the teams that have been grouped in one of the cards. By clicking on one of the teams in the menu item "My company" --> "Teams" you will still see the selected question sets and intervals:


From now on, when you edit the team, you will not see the selected surveys in the edit window:


You can still change all settings that affect the team, such as team members, the required number of responses, etc. From now on, you can only change the surveys themselves in the scheduler itself. This way you have one central place for editing your surveys in the scheduler - and all details about a specific team can be found in the menu item Teams.

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