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  2. Understanding the basics

What does Customer Happiness mean at teamecho?

Our vision is that everyone enjoys going to work. That's why we also place great value on our customer happiness - because only together can we realize this vision. Find out what this means for your support here.

teamecho customers are assigned a personal contact person from our Customer Happiness Management. This means that there is always a direct line between teamecho and the contact person in the company.

Are you a FreeTeam user or have you opted for teamecho in self-service? Then you have unlimited access to all knowledge articles on support.teamecho.com and of course our support team is always available for technical problems.

If you would also like to benefit from a personal contact person from the Customer Happiness Team, please contact us and get an upgrade!

What does Customer Happiness mean at teamecho?

We are convinced that effective and appreciative communication is at the heart of every successful relationship. At teamecho, this means regular communication with our Customer Happiness Team. Whether it's technical uncertainties, tricky challenges, or general questions about employee satisfaction, our Customer Happiness Managers are always ready with great ideas and open ears.

Start with a "Welcome"

The start of your teamecho journey is marked by the "Welcome Call" with your personal contact person. In addition to getting to know each other personally, the focus is on the next steps:

  • When and how should the introduction to teamecho start?
  • Are there any special challenges?
  • What are the next common tasks?
  • What are the goals of using teamecho?

Technical support is of course always available at teamecho - the best way is to contact our support team directly and describe your question. 

teamecho starter package

You will also receive a comprehensive info package with all the important materials for your successful start: From checklists for setting up your account to tips and tricks for effective communication before your first teamecho survey - our starter package provides answers and help to the most frequently asked questions.

Joint account setup

Next up is your account setup. Your Customer Happiness Manager will answer all important questions about your teamecho account in this personal appointment:

  • What are the most important teamecho features and how do they work?
  • Which settings suit your company best?
  • Which question sets do you use best?
  • Which team divisions work best for you?

Your Customer Happiness Manager is at your side when you plan the introduction of teamecho in your company and is especially helpful around the first survey. Our Customer Happiness Team also has best practice examples and targeted solutions for individual challenges.

First mood check

About one month after your teamecho launch, our Customer Happiness Team will contact you for a short mood call. You can share your first experiences and get helpful tips on how to interpret the teamecho dashboard, for example.

Regular exchange

Depending on the size of your company and your needs, extensive success calls with your personal contact person take place at least once a year. Together with you, we systematically analyse opportunities and challenges in order to find the right solutions for your goals.

Is something close to your heart or are you stumbling over a few pebbles on your way to the best possible employee satisfaction? Then of course you don't have to wait until your next Success Call - just pick up your cell phone or let your fingers flit across the keyboard and contact your Customer Happiness Manager!

You don't have a personal contact yet, but would like to receive the concentrated teamecho knowledge in a personal exchange? Feel free to contact us!